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💬 Extremely simple Live Chat in Nodejs 💬
JSer (245)

Since I saw many chat REPLs here, I decided to create a Node version of it.
Used the express and module
I am just a noob in Nodejs, so comment below 👇 to report any bug!
👍 Don't forget to give me an upvote!

brooc210 (4)

why not add markdown?

rjlevy (397)

Hey @JSer, this is very cool. I would love to see the source code. Can you send me a link?


Nice! I actually just made a similar thing:


@duck132912 well I actually deleted it so F

TGIGamer (6)

Wow, awesome project!

christophercharillo (0)

Simple or not, this is a really good site. 10/10

MrDood1313 (9)

can I tried to break it?

albert230 (0)

nice work. Bro. this is good

haya (7)

Chat Chat trending 🔼some people are not behaving :(

boi352 (14)

look: if you type something long you cant read the entire thing. otherwise this is awesome!!

JSer (245)

@boi352: Thanks for the reminder. I fixed it!

hayaodeh (187)

@iamcaleblol I think you can improve your project and learn more about security and detection, and apply it to your chatroom.

JSer (245)

@user7282973: Could you give me some details that how can I improve my chatroom? Thanks

Ranger4josh2 (0)

unable to register my name

JSer (245)

@ranger4josh2: I can't see your problem. Could you please screenshot it to me here?

christophercharillo (0)

Seems awesome. Is the source code available for us to see what you did?

isaackrementsov (0)

How do I see the code?

HeerokDas (14)

You should make it that you can edit your messages after you post them (I made a typo in one of my messages)

JSer (245)

@heerokdas: This is a good suggestion! I'll do it later

JSer (245)

Version 1.6 (April 3):
-Now you can delete the messages you sent!

Dragon32 (0)

am lonely again no friends to talk to
-But it is a good chat system

JSer (245)

@dragon32: Sometimes no one's there, and sometimes you'll see a lot of friends :)

dirt (0)

Have discord iamcaleblol

ChrisJantzen (2)

< shows up as the html entity (<)

TimmyChen1 (115)

Hi @iamcaleblol, you're one of the winners! More details coming soon. In the meantime, do you mind uploading a profile picture to your account? :)

JSer (245)

@timmy-chen: I already have a profile picture in my account

WFSOverpowEr (1)

looks like a lot of people using express

Edoggr (0)

I wonder if you could add a function that clears chats.txt daily or something like that.

SamuelOllari (0)

Bug: I logged in in two tabs using the same name and one ended up 'leaving' (according to the other tab) but was still able to send messages using name undefined

CarysS (23)

It was really laggy for me while I was on. Could be a one off since I've been on before with no problem, but thought I'd report it anyway.

CarysS (23)

It was really laggy for me while I was on. Could be a one off since I've been on before with no problem, but thought I'd report it anyway.

JSer (245)

@CarysS Because someone spammed


Other than the delay this is AWESOME!!!!

JSer (245)

@user23802991: Thx! I am adding some cool features

amasad (2527)

@iamcaleblol: it'd be cool to have a sidebar to see who's online and maybe even direct message them.

BTW, I was looking for your P5 IDE the other day I couldn't find it 😢

liltaco (69)

Where does the server run?