PYer (3225)

A game inspired with the help of @Atari7! With a live leaderboard, you can compete with friends and compare your skills to other players! Complex strategy, never-ending fun, will keep you busy at night. A farming extravaganza, with strategy, thinking, farming, and a bit of luck, have fun!

PS: Those of you who have seen this before, it now works for anybody!

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johnstev111 (216)

This game is so cool!! I'm playing for a trimester, it's currently day 80, have 12 workers, 75 land, and on day 81 (yesterday in game terms) aliens came and gave me free crops! so now I have 110 crops. The game is so fun! But I pressed 3 to end the day twice once, so i didn't do anything on day 82 other than harvest, I think you need to do something like wait a little bit so it's clear that the day has changed. Other than that, the game is really good!

PYer (3225)

@johnstev111 okay thanks for the feedback!