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thomasf04 (254)

Weapons, landing spots, insults and so so much more is capable by this program...

Ask this program anything Fortnite based!
The program uses keywords to try and work out what your asking it, so you don't have to worry about phrasing your question a certain way...

You can try and find this programs quirks and mysteries yourself or you can ask some of the questions below! There's only one way to find out the answer though...

>'What is Fortnite?'
>'Who made Fortnite?'
>'When was Fortnite made?'

>'Who's better, Ninja or Myth?'
>'Pubg or Fortnite'
>'What's your favourite weapon/skin?'

In game:
>'Do you have any Mini Shields?'
>'Where we dropping?'
>'Are you glad the Meteor didn't hit Tilted Towers?'
>'Do you like Season 4?'

>'You're a noob!'
>'I hate you!'
Also... when the bot asks you for your favourite skin avoid saying You-Know-Who! (John Wick) and don't tell the bot the R* word when it asks for your favourite weapon your favourite weapon...

If there is any element of conversation you would like added please don't hesitate to comment down below with additions/improvements.
Thank you.

TTTG (5)

Fortnite sucks

etian (32)


Hello! Talk to me about the video-game Fortnite and I'll try to answer you!
I'm glad we agree on something!
I'm glad we agree on something!

I'm glad we agree on something!
what am i supposed towrite??
If something I said doesn't look quite right, be sure to tell me in the comments!
I'm glad we agree on something!

what is yourfavorite landing spot
If something I said doesn't look quite right, be sure to tell me in the comments!

Ev145 (1)

look :(

do you like the hand cannon
I like Fortnite very much!
it cant answer well!

TheFlyiFlyi (1)

This is a most unholy topic

epicman702 (215)

I managed to break it by using this sentence:
do you like and hate fortnite at the same time?

etian (32)

i managed to break it by trying to use [email protected]

kusha (6)

add omega comments

GabrielFox (0)



Really nice code!

itsyaboiJAKE (0)

best gun in fortnite

m04113 (0)

pubg is better

peteto883 (0)

waiting for season 5 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yas bih

muddskipper (65)

Instead of using 'while 1==1' you can simplify to 'while True:'

This isn't really important, but your code will look way more professional.

Mohanad_Alaas (4)

Thanks thomas I really like ur code as well, it would be good if you had a random gun selector as something to use in the next match of fortnite or something wacky/cool, ill be sure to vote u as well

thomasf04 (254)

@mohanadalaas: Done! You can now ask "Pick a weapon for my next game" or "Random gun" etc.

sajknslsa (3)

I wish I could downvote this code...

thomasf04 (254)

@sajknslsa: Sorry to hear that. Why?

DARKLORD6474 (12)

@thomasf04: add stuff about the storm eye

thomasf04 (254)

@darklord6474: Sorry I am in a bit of a rush recently but managed to add a few outputs when you ask about the whereabouts of the storm.

Oshkosh2006 (5)

im from the future and i am the corna virus ur welcome:)