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VulcanWM (2180)

FRANK is a multi-purpose website, which includes a forum and a mailing service. After making a FRANK account, you can use it for all the things in the list below.

  • Fmail: the mailing service
  • Fmedia: the forum

This is my first Flask project, and it wouldn't have been done without these people:

  • @Lost0Soul for helping me fix some errors I was having on the website
  • @tamkerl for helping me in some other stuff on my website
  • @rediar for giving me the idea of using jinja
  • @CoolJames1610 for teaching me how to use pymongo

I would really like it if you guys gave me some feedback.

oignons (310)

This is a really great start! It is very advanced indeed, however, I would change the styling a bit, maybe move away from Times New Roman and choose a more modern font. Also, you may want to change your color scheme, it is a bit too basic. I’ll link some resources below:

Color schemes:

For, just click “Generate” in the top right. They will walk you through it.
For Google Fonts, click the font you want, then click embed, and finally, copy the code you want.

Finally, try not to inline your CSS and JavaScript; just put them in separate files and link the files up to one another.

Hope this helps!

VulcanWM (2180)

Thanks a lot man! I'll follow your advice and try to make my website better! @oignons

rediar (351)

yes css can be improved, also nice job cool

oignons (310)

@rediar VERY COOL! It would take a miracle for me to make this lol.

PlaySoccer (40)

I am truly fascinated by your website

PlaySoccer (40)

How did you sync the html. css, and python together?

VulcanWM (2180)

I used render_template to show the template in flask @PlaySoccer

matthewproskils (346)

@VulcanWM Yes, the flask (python) is the backend while html css and js is the frontend

TanushJha (4)

@VulcanWM did you not like my comment.

TanushJha (4)


WissamNusair (5)

Hello, I was wondering how you got to run first. When I made my project, it wouldn't run, it wold only run

You can see my project here -->

VulcanWM (2180)

Hey man! I went into your repl and fixed the problem. You just had to import app from app, and then do'', port=8080, debug=True) to run the app in That is how I do it anyway @WissamNusair

WissamNusair (5)


VulcanWM (2180)

I help everyone who needs help. If you need any more help, just mention me or something @WissamNusair

WissamNusair (5)

@VulcanWM Ok, time to act professional again, thank you, again.

AlexRamirez2 (105)

Awesome project! This is something I'd never do in a million years! I have a few suggestions

  • Enter / new line support for Fmedia bodies
  • Maybe an instant messaging system in Fmedia
  • A way to view your own profile
  • View someone elses Fmail IDs and stuff
  • A way to search for users
  • Reply to threads
  • Friend requests (would be useful for instant messaging)
  • Post downvotes (more controversial)
    Anyways, still a great project! Can't wait to see what FRANK becomes! I wanna be an active user on this site lol.
VulcanWM (2180)

Thanks for the ideas man! Do you have discord? @AlexRamirez2

PattanAhmed (1103)

I forget to see this post...

ReaperScythe (0)

Its nice, but can you try to make the mail able to be sent to actual emails?
I came across a user who could do that.

VulcanWM (2180)

Yeah I know I think you have to pay for having access to that, so I'm going in the free route @ReaperScythe

TerrorbuildLuna (20)

@VulcanWM Could you teach me how to make these cool websites sometime?

johnnyfrancis (5)

This is not letting me signup.

anonymous360c (7)

You're using PYTHON for this?! @VulcanWM

BobTheTomatoPie (1130)

umm why are you so surprised, python is a common language to build databases and other things that go along with web dev. Its not like python only works in the terminal. Notice how there are also a ton of HTML files @anonymous360c

BobTheTomatoPie (1130)

some people know python better than node @anonymous360c

SystematicError (24)

@anonymous360c I'm not sure exactly but I think google uses python Flask framework for some of their backends. There are many more stuff you can do with python like GUIs, Phone apps (like actual apk files), Discord Bots, etc...

anonymous360c (7)

And I think that's one of the reasons google used to be called backpat (btw I use a chromebook with chrome os and a managed account so I can't run PYTHON) . @SystematicError

anonymous360c (7)

Well not without an extension. That would be hard to find. @anonymous360c

LoveTheBears1O1 (2)

How does it save user data, such as username and password?

VulcanWM (2180)

I used MongoDB to save everything @LoveTheBears1O1

braxtondb (0)

This is really cool! I would suggest adding comments to threads.

VulcanWM (2180)

Thanks! Yeah I thought of that but then didn’t do it just in case my cluster crashed @braxtondb

WissamNusair (5)

Hello, I am currently the number one post on Forrums, I would appreciate it if you droped a like, username: WissamN

AstOwOlfo (213)

This website straight outta 2003

RyanGardiner1 (1)

@VulcanWM I have a website template you could use if u want. I do agree with @oignons so ya.

RyanGardiner1 (1)

Keep Doing What Your Doing!

RyanGardiner1 (1)

@VulcanWM , also, can I help u redesign the site? It doesn't matter, but I thought I might do good because I'm really good with HTML, CSS, most JS, most PY, some Node.

Baconman321 (85)

Maybe, instead of encrypting passwords, make a hash value like a lot of the big companies do.

VulcanWM (2180)

Yeah, I probably will in the future @Baconman321

wantT0befriends (33)

umm what is the 'tag' when you send mail?

and when I put a username it says that it doesn't exist even though I used one I saw in the thread

VulcanWM (2180)

The tag is the number after the : in the user's username. If you see a user who has made a post, it doesn't have their tag in it, just to be safe. If you check your inbox, your tag will be there @wantT0befriends

wantT0befriends (33)

@VulcanWM So how will you format it? Because it said like type the username and the tag?

or do you just do the tag

VulcanWM (2180)

Username : and then the tag, the way it shows in your inbox @wantT0befriends

sojs (246)

Make it so that one stays logged in please.

VulcanWM (2180)

Yeah, I haven’t got how to use cookies yet @sojs

sojs (246)

Use local storage: (in js)


Look it up

code913 (7)

It was a normal day until I saw the Python logo and remembered a weird meme about Pythons XD.

Kirit0 (28)

internal server error when trying to unlike a post u never liked. But i love this website of yours!

ridark (91)

The site doesnt work, there's an error

VulcanWM (2180)

That's an error with the bot. Nothing wrong with the website @ridark

ridark (91)

i cant access the website @VulcanWM

VulcanWM (2180)

Really? What error does it show? @ridark

EthanEthan2 (0)

this is really nice post.this is our website

AJDevelopment (55)


for some reason i read this thing in a crappy Text-To-Speech app voice, like: wiw ill byuild rcespoonsilv weubsiet four yuo

1Rayyan (0)

Wow, This is really amazing. Great Job you have a bright future ahead.

Gabby8C0des8 (24)

you deserve an upvote :)

PlaySoccer (40)

Cool!. Also, how did you use html, css, and python in 1 repl?????

VulcanWM (2180)

I used render template to get the html file @PlaySoccer