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RandyBurris (7)

Game Features:
-5 Classes

-3 Mastery Paths for each Class

-6 Passive abilities to choose from

-4 Different Slots to Equip (Head, Armor, Weapon and Relic)

-Tons of Unique build paths!

-Infinite Leveling - There is no level cap you can level up until the game becomes to difficult for your character to progress.

-Blessing of the Creator - A chance to proc extra damage based upon your power level. (Enter 100 at the main menu screen to test your power level)

-Story line - Help the creator restore balance to Staleos by reforging the crown of power.

-RANDOM ITEM GENERATOR! Items drop from bosses and spawn with 2 random stats that scale with character level.

-10 Legendary Sets that grant Bonus Effects when fully equipping the set!

-Challenging End Game Content (Defeating the 3 Legends)

To test out click "Open in a new tab" in the top right but your progress will not be saved here.

(ctrl a to select all), (ctrl c to copy), (ctrl v to paste)

This is my first full game that I've coded so you will notice the code looks very sloppy and inefficient(I made the whole game in the main function). The Game does work great though and if you have any questions about how anything works, want to report bugs or just want to tell me what you think, please comment here or message me. :)

MatthewWesolows (7)

Here are the things I do understand:
The long wait after pressing 'play'

but I also have a couple tips, and a big one is to use MULTIPLE files. This can shorten compile time and improve readability overall. You also might want to:
1. Use classes (, if your not going to use classes, use C instead of C++.
2. Avoid having too many variables, a good practice is to use classes from the C++ STL(Standard Template Library) such as vector and map.
3. DON'T using namespace std; it completely defeats the purpose of the namespace in the first place.
4. Use pointers(! These guys are amazing! Learn how to use them effectively, they can vastly improve performance.

These are just a few tips I have for you, use them to optimoize your code, and try to figure out how to optimize it further. If you have no idea what I was talking about, I recommend dedicating a little more time to learning C++/C. Not bad for a first project though! Let me know if you have any questions

RandyBurris (7)

@MatthewWesolows Thank you for taking the time to assess this project and give such detailed feedback. I will take the time to go through your recommendations and use the links provided so that I can improve.

Smart0ne (570)

Welp takes so long to load.

RandyBurris (7)

@Smart0ne it does require some time to load unfortunately, after loading in the game runs well though.

EpicGamer007 (748)

Just so you know, save files for us won't work unless you for the repl.

RandyBurris (7)

@EpicGamer007 Yes, I found out that this would only save correctly for the owner of the repl. In order to save your character you would need to create a new repl then copy and paste this code.

EpicGamer007 (748)

@RandyBurris , you could just fork it tho..

RandyBurris (7)

@EpicGamer007 I am new to this, How would I do that? Would that give others the ability to save to my files within my repls?

EpicGamer007 (748)

@RandyBurris you mean forking? forking is easy, all u have to do is go into a file, add a space somewhere. then repl automatically creates a new project for u with everything copied.

RandyBurris (7)

It takes up to 15-20 seconds to load in after clicking RUN due to the 17k inefficient lines of code.

StudentJasonJa2 (1)

im sorry but it isnt working for me

RandyBurris (7)

@StudentJasonJa2 @XanderOldham I'm sorry to hear that it isn't working correctly. Try clicking the "open in a new tab" in the top right to test it out. When loading in, it may not seem like it's working but just be patient it should come up.