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Features Of CUA
MocaCDeveloper (321)

The features of the language will include multiple ideals from both languages.

BUT, CUA isn't just gonna copy keywords from both languages, CUA is going to give new meaning to each keyword as well as give each keyword compatibility to the languages keywords itself.

NO, CUA is not a copied version of C and Lua put together
YES, CUA will have some similar ideal keywords from both languages
YES, CUA will be mainly made up of it's own keywords
EXTRA: CUA is a language in between C and Lua. That doesn't mean it is a copied version. Although it will have sharing concepts from each language, it will be a whole new language in and of itself!

InvisibleOne (305)

Is this for the language jam?

MocaCDeveloper (321)

@InvisibleOne Yep! I am hoping on getting the beta version out by August 31. The beta version should have a stable outlook and outcome on the languages' initial release!

MocaCDeveloper (321)

@InvisibleOne Yeah, I just thought I'd post this making sure people knew that this language we are making isn't just a plain copy of both languages thrown together