Lil Tay simulator
AdrianHall (63)

Freestyle Rhyming Rap Lyrics Generator

The program will endlessly freestyle in a mildly amusing imitation of modern rap. It feels a little like a furious Lil Tay is texting you.

Viewing the project

Click here to view the repl with the backing music playing in the background – using a little audio hack inspired by what rediar did with his ode-to-joy chess program.

If the music doesn't start up when the website loads, you can fix it by clearing the cache and cookies. On Chrome: right-click, click 'inspect' or 'inspect element' then go to the 'network tab'. Then reload the page, you should see a bunch of blue and green lines appear. Right click in that area, and choose 'clear browser cache' and 'clear browser cookies'.

If you're on mobile, view the repl here for a less cluttered experience. Heck, even if you're on a desktop it might be nice not having the code next to you.

What is this?

Because some modern rap is pretty much random at this point anyway :), I thought I'd save artists the trouble of thinking up lyrics.

This program uses a generic mad libs algorithm (I bet there's a computer science name for that but I don't care) to generate random rhyming lyrics. It uses templates of lyric patterns, then fills them in with words – pretty simple in essence. It also sorts words into rhyming groups, so that it can end each line on a word that rhymes with the previous one.

So far it generates rhyming couplets, but more complex patterns would be possible as well. The downside to creating more rhyming lines is that it's harder to think of the rhymes, especially for your poor computer who doesn't actually know how to pronounce words. What would happen is it would fall back on the rhymes that are easiest, or have pathetic repetition (eg rhyming 'duck' with 'duck' - not so impressive).

Examples of use

Some fun ones I've seen (explicit content):

you smash me like a hot robot
now, I gotta go hit some pot

your pot ain't shit, you're shit
hell, my dope stash is legit

you say you like me but you just want my bread
I say bitch, your mom is my sled

bitches think that I'm hardcore
yo, don't try to smash my whore

look, my moola is legit
I gotta go hit some tits

yo, ima hate on all your robots
your yacht don't make you hot

look, you're pretty much a store
bitches give me that score

I saw your mom last night at the goat store buying love
ya see, my ass don't hit your glove

they be digging my sweet trashy babe
uh huh, you know you're cray-cray

you try but you can't hit my grass
uh huh, your mom is my ass


Play this video for background beats as my code transforms you into the next big shaq.

I've migrated to HTML/CSS/JS for audio purposes but the project is programmed in python. To view the code, click here.

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MarcusWeinberger (667)

"Female dogs think that I'm poor
damn, your mom is my dance floor"

I love it, 10/10