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Fibonacci sequence in 4 lines!
PowerCoder (703)

The fibonacci sequence is a very popular sequence made by Fibonacci in Italy. This sequence is seen time and time again in nature.

For more info on this facinating sequence go here

Bookie0 (4592)

oops i killed it welp xD

DynamicSquid (4393)

Why can't you just do this?

print("0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377")

O(1) time and space complexity. Fast and simple

PowerCoder (703)

@DynamicSquid With this method you can decide how many numbers you want. In theory, you can have infinite with this.

DynamicSquid (4393)

@PowerCoder yeah, same with my method. but mine's much faster

PowerCoder (703)

@DynamicSquid But you have to hand-write it

SixBeeps (3221)

@PowerCoder Unfortunately, it wouldn't be infinite because you'd run out of memory after some point.

firefish (794)

@DynamicSquid you could use list comprehensions they are faster

MatthewXia (25)

@DynamicSquid @PowerCoder im losing brains cells trying to understand you guys bruh

LTI2 (113)

This is going to be fun

Warhawk947 (527)

Thats only in one line...
I feel scammed give me back my money >:(

MarcusWeinberger (590)

fib = lambda n: n​ ​if​ ​n​ ​<​ ​2​ ​else​ ​fib​(​n​-​2​) ​+​ ​fib​(​n​-​1​)

topkekmabel (0)
f=lambda x:f(x-1)+f(x-2) if x>1 else x
print([f(x) for x in range(int((input("How many numbers of the fibonacci sequence would you like?\n"))))])

Another version, using recursion. (Hey, that rhymed)

HahaYes (1250)

@PowerCoder Can I make this in Fortran or C or C++ to make this faster?

HahaYes (1250)

the problem with this is that Python is SLOW, Use fortran or a C language for the SPEEEEEEED

firefish (794)

cough list comprehensions cough


One line:

past = [0, 1];for i in range(2, int(input("How many numbers of the fibonacci sequence would you like?\n"))):past.append(past[i-2] + past[i-1]);print(past)
PowerCoder (703)

@HENRYMARTIN4 Python doesn't support semi-colons. It's identation-reliant

sugarfi (587)

@PowerCoder python does support semicolons, actually

AtticusKuhn (233)

I did it in just 2 lines

import math
print(list(map(lambda x:math.floor(((1+5**.5)/2)**x/5**.5), range(int(input())))))

it's possible to do it in 1 line if I didn't import math.

Codemonkey51 (894)

I can make that into 1 line, one sec @AtticusKuhn

Codemonkey51 (894)

1 line:

print(list(map(lambda x:__import__('math').floor(((1+5**.5)/2)**x/5**.5), range(int(input())))))