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Fighting Game
chiliconco (34)

This is a game i have been working on in my spare time for about a month. The game is about having to defeat opponents and level up your character to eventually be able to fight the main boss (Big Boris). The game is not perfect and I am sure there are some bugs, if you find bugs PLEASE let me know so I can fix them!

Useful Tips:

  • To select an option type the number next to it into the space provided and press enter.
  • If your stamina gets low you can use the dodge option to gain more stamina.

Have fun playing!

1.1 - Re-asks you what option you want if you input a letter instead
of a number.

RomeroSchwarz (266)

Could you make it so if you don't have enough stamina to do a move you have to choose a different one?

chiliconco (34)

@RomeroSchwarz I will try and get this added soon, thanks for the suggestion! :)

Hashcode (188)

Neat game! I noticed the best way to level up quickly seemed to choose dodge a lot and try harder fights (even if you lose).

chiliconco (34)

@Hashcode The leveling up system took alot of work as I had to balance the xp gains out, thanks for the strategy! :)

Pythonier (317)

Great Game! The blue is a little hard to see on my computer though. Maybe try experimenting with different colors.

chiliconco (34)

@Pythonier Perhaps in a settings menu you could pick the colour?

RonaldLeung1 (1)

I got an error message when I entered a non-integer value for my attack and then the program just stopped. Other than that great game!

chiliconco (34)

@RonaldLeung1 Yes it only accepts integers, when i tried with text it broke the game for some reason, thanks anyway!

me002 (7)

@chiliconco a way to fix that would be:
try move = int(input("What move will you make: "))
except: continue

WilliamB (7)

you should add try: and except: so there will be less errors when I misinput

JoshuaNguyen1 (0)

in the event of not typing a number to fight the game will crash, you could make an if statement to re-ask the question if nothing or words are entered!

Donnacha123 (0)

The program stopped working mid-game,!! ) :

chiliconco (34)

@Donnacha123 Could you be more specific as to what happened so i can figure out if it was or my program! Thanks :)

Donnacha123 (0)

@chiliconco The problem was that the code didn’t work after specific game routes it takes, for example - I have played the game a few times but the last time I played the game I took this game route: 2,3,2,1 and then I chose my last attack 1, and then the game didn’t continue. I have reviewed the code and I think the bug was in line 222. Sorry about the lack of detail in my last comment, I hope that this helps! ( :

chiliconco (34)

@Donnacha123 Hmm very strange. I have tested the game out numerous times and even got my friends to test it on there computers. I have never seen this error before. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes randomly breaks for me (doesn't let me finish running the script), but I will take a look at my code anyway. Thanks for elaborating!!! :)