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Fim - Run your code online
PDanielY (982)

I created an online ide. It supports language. The default language is typescript but if you want to use another language go to /LANGUAGE in the website. Press the run button to run the code. Please note it will automatically run the code with the language name so when it is running the code it will run

<language name> <file that it stored your code in>

so if the language is javascript it runs:

javascript <file that it stored your code in>

which is incorrect so to specify a run command you have to put a param of code in the URL so if you want to run javascript you go to this URL:


Once you press the run button it will show a modal with the result. If the result is "undefined" it means there is an error with your code or there was an error while running the code. I think we all agree is better than this but this is a fun project I created. This should work with every language except:


AdCharity (1270)

monaco... so did you write the server code yourself? I'm kind of interested what that looks like.

PDanielY (982)

@AdCharity the server code is in the files

AdCharity (1270)

@PDanielY wut how do you run it???? I saw heroku apps in here.

AdCharity (1270)

@PDanielY ..... bruhhhhh that's probably how to code actually compiles...

AdCharity (1270)

@PDanielY nice idk how to manipulate svgs that well though :( Do you wear glasses or something?