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Find Angle to Target Location in Minecraft
c4syner (77)

15 Lines of python later and this program was made! As the title suggests you simply input the x and z coords for yourself and your target location. Then you simply match your y-rot in game with the angle the program provides. Additionally, the program also states your distance in blocks from your target location. Enjoy!

I tested this with Java Edition on PC

CodingCactus (3190)

Just a suggestion, maybe add some validation, so that if they enter just one coord, or maybe a letter by accident, it doesn't come up with an error.

AustinBPark (17)

@CodingCactus try and except in case they didnt know

c4syner (77)

@CodingCactus I didn't really feel like doing validation, and I personally hate try and except blocks lol.

c4syner (77)

@DynamicSquid haha nah it's a circle circling a circle drawing it's radius whilst the outside circle is circling a larger circle