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Fireworks (two-player graphical)
joker314 (14)

The aim of the game is to destroy your opponent, and you get some of the mass that they lose when you shoot them. There is a green AI in the middle to shoot randomly. Note: Left and Right will spin the player, they won't directly move them This is definitely a work in progress, I just wanted to share it with the community to see if they could give any feedback! It's hopefully easy enough to add on extra ideas that will turn this game from bad to moderate, such as walls (like in a maze), and actual tasks that need to be done as well as to destroy your opposition. shrugs

Case_Buttitta (42)

It gets a bit slow after a while, but great

YuAndy (72)

It gets glitchy if I spam click the fire button so maybe make a cool down time for fireworks

BehramArif (1)

if you hold on the shooting button, it makes a bunch of bullets, making it REALLY SLOW

but I really love this game. it would be cool if it was multiplayer

joker314 (14)

@BehramArif It is local multiplayer, two people can play (one can do WASD, the other the arrow keys). Thanks for the feedback!

AdrianTang (12)

That is impressive

Hexer (30)

Using the arrow keys in this windows is really annoying because it always scrolls

joker314 (14)

@Hexer This is true. Feel free to open the game in a new tab

demonismog (2)

@Hexer You can click the icon above the repl to open it in a full document

preview tab.