Super Math Dash!
Coder100 (11158)

Super Math Dash

This is a fun game where you destroy those monsters under your bed: Brains and Orgs.


Math world has been conquered by evil beings! Brains and Orgs now ruthfully obey the Evil One: The smallest brain of them all! He brings torture and arithmetic to all the subjects of the Math world! You as a Precalculus student learn the ways of the Calculus and set out to defeat the Evil One! Be careful, the Orgs and Brains may capture you and force you to do long division, the worst torture of them all!

How to play

Included in-game, but if you still want to know, use your mouse to move and click to shoot, if you have ammo. Get ammunition by getting the orange circles.


When fighting The Evil One, you should have already stocked up to the maximum 64 rounds. Also, once you see a silhouette of The Evil One, START SHOOTING!


  • Added better mobile support :)
  • Killing monsters also give you score :)
  • Killing the boss gives you an extra 2 score :)
  • Boss level warning text is now responsive on smaller screens :)


Made with VS CODE

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Coder100 (11158)

First, kill 100 monsters (orgs and/or brains), then defeat the boss! @Zuhdi28