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Fisherman Simulator (Just with gold)
aguy11 (83)

This is a game about you (a brave explorer), portrayed as a fisherman in the title, finding a deep ravine at the bottom of the ocean and finding a lot of gold there. You must find this gold and then sell it to upgrade your stuff. There is from 1 to 5 pieces of gold in every slot on your ravine coordinate grid. Tell me if there is anything I should change/add (Something else to buy, change the cost of something, etc.).

Muffinlavania (669)

The os.system('clear') thing is not in there, sorry if you dont want to do it you dont have to look at this, but you can make a function like this

def clear():
   if name == 'nt': 

then just say clear() when you want to clear the module

Bookie0 (2613)

you dont need the if statements, i believe you can just do

import os

def clear():

right? @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (669)

@Bookie0 yea, but i think he wants to do it that way and for some reason clear doesnt work on some platforms, you have to use cls then, i never do that i just use os.system('clear')
So yea idk