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Fisherman Simulator Update
aguy11 (117)

This is an update to one of my previous posts Fisherman Simulator(Just with gold)(Which you can find here: How the game works: You are an explorer that just found a ton of gold at the bottom of the ocean and must use his/her gold catcher thingy (Called an attractor in the game) to catch this gold. You then may use this gold to buy/upgrade the following:

  • Upgrade your retrieval time: Make it go faster
  • Upgrade your cargo hold: Allow you to store more gold
  • Buy a helper: Makes you catch more pieces of gold
  • Upgrade your gold attractor: Also make you gather more gold, only this time in larger values
  • Buy/Upgrade a pet: This drastically increases your catches

Tell me if there's anything I should add/change, and have fun!