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Flappy Square
mat1 (3135)

I made a really simple Flappy Bird type game using Python turtle

programmyBoi (15)

fun but sometimes the pipe is so big, it forms a wall and when I see this, I think:
My time has come...

AmeliaBlackwell (933)

this is so cool! I dream of one day being able to use python turtle like this

UndertaleRulez (32)

Really fun... i just can't make it past level three ;-;

JSer (1242)

I can't believe games r possible in Python turtle

Noob_vn (8)

@caleblol How to make that image

OwenBradstreet (87)

This is awesome! Maybe make the spaces a bit bigger - I managed to get to score 5 and no further XD Also maybe make it so as you go, the speed goes up so it get's harder and harder? Awesome game!


timmy_i_chen (1043)

Man, I never knew you could do so much in python turtle. Nice!