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TrevorBarron (25)

In this 2 player game each player has to navigate their turtle thru the gap in each column by using the up/down or w/s keys as the column scrolls across. I didn't implement gravity (yet) but that's something that could be added. I could also add more columns and more gaps.

This game is done using P3 and turtle. I had to do some clever tricks to get around the shortcomings of turtle. The columns are just fat pen lines. the gaps are just short fat pen lines rotated 90 deg. It was fun to figure out how to make the gap reverse itself to move up and down. Also doing the collision checking was fun to learn. You can adjust the x and y speed values to make the game more difficult. right now it's not super easy. Anyway please vote for this game because my wife has been yelling at me all day to get off the computer and mow the lawn. I could use the beer money!

Tonite I added gravity effect and clipped the vertical limits of turtle travel. I'm impressed with what can be done using turtle here on

TrevorBarron (25)

Thanks for your votes... this game is getting sick and addictive. I've now made the turtles move across the screen. hehe..(evil) ... moving left the columns come at you fast... moving right the columns chase you, gaining slowly. This is way better than doing yard work.

TrevorBarron (25)

did extensive cleanup by incorporating functions. Nice that Python allows a function to return a turtle object. Makes code so much more readable!

ClaireBookworm (6)

Amazing! I love how you have the turtles drop slowly. I think you should add lives (since no one dies if they touch the blue blocks).

Amazing you did this using Python!