Fluid Simulator - Google's Liquidfun
mwilki7 (775)

I searched everywhere for sample javascript code for this (based on Box2D which is a C++ library) and finally found something functional.

The only things I added were html controls for the objects.

Most of it is based off of https://github.com/doebi/liquidfun.js-demo/tree/master

If you want faster framerate, shrink your window.


• B : Create physics box
• W : Create blob of fluid
• Left mouse: Create Blob of Fluid
• Right mouse: Create frozen box
• Middle mouse: Create physics box
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AdCharity (907)

ngl I'm pretty sure if you tried hard enough you could conceivably make something similar without basing it on something.

mwilki7 (775)

@AdCharity rotational physics 2 scary 4 me

AdCharity (907)

@mwilki7 physics 2 scary 4 me even though I'm taking it next year

mwilki7 (775)

pls not partial derivatives

SixBeeps (1032)

@mwilki7 oh is that what that is? i thought euler just smashed his keyboard and called it physics lol

MatthewDoan1 (252)

@SixBeeps You mean his typewriter?

AdCharity (907)

@MatthewDoan1 For euler it was probably sticks and rocks