Replol (Google)
JBYT27 (166)

Finally! I've finished!
Anyways, this is a "website" I made using python. It isn't really a website, but I made it like one. I've thought about lots of websites, and well, I thought about google.

There aren't steps, as this isn't really a game. But one thing you should do is try typing help. There are other "websites" in the original web, Replol. I named it this for Repl and Google mixed.

I give credits to many people. I made a wiki using @PDanielY 's name: Replpedia. I also give credits to @Bookie0 for many python tutorials!
Just another note, I don't want to be too specific, I'm not trying to offend anyone! :)

Anyways, Thank you for all the help and tutorials.
-Expect a Amazon and Youtube later!
-pls, pls, pls, give ANY suggestions!
-please upvote if you like it!
-Another BIG note, I may not be able to read all the comments, busy with school. :|


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ChezTacoz (342)

For the search i looked at ur code and thats a lot of if statements. You could just do.

import wikipedia

wikipedia.summary(whatever the input thingy is)

and if u want stuff thats not on wikipedia then just put it in. Like

if whatever input is=='JBYT27':

wikipedia.summary(input thingy)

JBYT27 (166)

Yeah, lots of people told me about that. I may make a improved version on this @ChezTacoz