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Fortify -- Code Jam 9 !!!
raghavm (95)


An App Created for the COVID-19 Code Jam!

I teamed up with @LehuyH to create an app to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus

What is Fortify?

Fortify is a self-care app on the web that promotes effective handwashing and actvities that practices social distancing. Let's face it, a lot of us don't wash our hands enough or even correctly. It is important more than ever that we ALL make an effort to slow the spread of the virus, and one of the most easiest ways to do this it to make sure our hands are clean. With Fortify you can keep track of how and when you wash your hands anytime! Additionally, Fortify can help you practice social distancing by keeping track of your daily activities.

Can you reach a 100% Safety Score everyday? Make a profile to find out!


Our original concept was to create something to track washing our hands, but since then we expanded on the concept to include other tools. This includes:

  • List item
  • Social distancing activities
  • Scheduler
  • COVID-19 FAQs and facts
  • COVID-19 News

How Do I Use Fortify?

Fortify works on any browser but best in phones as they are the most portable device(s). The app will guide you through the basic functionalities. Just be sure to actively log progress every time!

Tech Used:


  • HTML, CSS, and ES6 (obviously)
  • Web Components
  • We challenged ourselves to write our own data binding mechanisms, and SPA routing, and it paid off!


  • NodeJS,
  • ExpressJS, and...
  • MongoDB

Feedback/Suggestions Much Appreciated!!

Enjoy, and upvote!!

dabs364 (277)

@raghavm I don't get how you're only (95)

raghavm (95)

@dabs364 LOL, it's cause I don't really post here. All my cycles are from upvotes of code jam entries.

NikilSriram234 (0)

Hi I have a question did you use MongoDB on the cloud or did you install it locally

raghavm (95)

@NikilSriram234 Thanks! Oh, Mongo was indeed on the cloud

NimeshMisra (1)

Really cool and relevant app ! Nice job.. Love it.

gamingwithrj (4)

how to do i make more apps for it
like a new page

raghavm (95)

@gamingwithrj That's a cool idea! However, Fortify doesn't have that feature (yet?).

gamingwithrj (4)

@raghavm no but in the code how did you make a page display, i like on how it is setup but i want to add stuff and things like that but how do i make my own page so up.

raghavm (95)

@gamingwithrj You create a new page using the format found in any of the other pages located in js/pages/*.js. Then add a reference to it in js/parts/pages.js.

raghavm (95)

@nt998302 I don't know how smooth silk is, but I hope its pretty smooth! :) Thanks so much!

vishal1999tk (11)

Woah! This is neatly designed. gj

raghavm (95)

@vishal1999tk Thanks!! We made all the design ourselves, no CSS frameworks.

vishal1999tk (11)

@raghavm that's some great CSS skills you got :O

TheDrone7 (1537)

Just one word: epic.

SilentShadowBla (548)

this. is. absolutely. amazing.

gliu20 (4)

@raghavm Awesome project! Do you do a lot of Front end development? What resources did you use to learn (freeCodeCamp)? Experience with React, Svelte, or Vue?

raghavm (95)

@gliu20 I self-learned with the help of YouTube, Medium, and random sources across the web. I am experienced w/React and Vue, as well as Web Components.

gliu20 (4)

@raghavm Nice! Pretty neat (I myself read a lot of Medium but also CSS-tricks as well)! Wow and you're still a high schooler?

raghavm (95)

@gliu20 Yep, I'm a freshman. And thanks! CSS-tricks is awesome too. I recommend

gliu20 (4)

@raghavm Oh actually haven't heard of that before, but I do know Do you want to connect?

raghavm (95)

@gliu20 Oh sure! What's your username (or handle or whatever lol). Mine is raghavmisra (pretty sure)

gliu20 (4)

@raghavm mine is gliu20 on github, freeCodeCamp, My discord is at gliu20#4709

Snoop_Frog (4)

This app cured my obesity, depression, and AIDS.

LehuyH (72)

Happy to be working with you :)