OS Project
Kai_Justice (202)

I made this OS a week or two ago and I've been adding on to it for a while, if you have any feedback or tips please tell me, I want to improve this as much as I can.

2020 Footnote: This is definitely not a OS looking back at this I probably should've at least looked at what an OS is.

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CSharpIsGud (643)

@Foster_Bryant You need C and Assembly, you cant find any resources on it because its incredibly difficult to do. First you need to fully grasp how pointers work and how memory is laid out, then if you want keyboard input, what an interrupt descriptor table is. And finally, assuming you find out how to write pixels to the screen(I haven't got there yet, still working on an IDT) you have to do all that manually too, including implementing logic for text input/buttons.