Live stock data
Foster_Bryant (96)

The data is basically live but it might be slightly delayed. Give feedback and/or suggestions please :)

NOTE: When entering the ticker don't put NASDAQ or anything like only the ticker. For example: AMD

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ChezCoder (1498)

@Foster_Bryant sorry i didnt see ur msg, i think i did K and ESM
Edit: another error.....

Enter how many stocks would you like to look at: 2
Enter ticker #1: K
Enter ticker #2: ESM

The time zone for these dates are in universal time so the time might be slightly inaccurate for you until I
fix it but they should be atleast understandable.

NOTE: Red or green color doesn't mean the price has increased or decreased. The colors are only for style.

Ticker, Date, and Price:

K Jan 08 2020 00:21:45 $68.81
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  File "", line 40, in <module>
    price = soup.find("div", {"class": "D(ib) Va(m) Maw(65%) Maw(60%)--tab768 Ov(h)"}).find("span")
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