Alone Simulator Version 1.0 (200 cycles special!)
BobTheTomatoPie (1713)

Alone Simulator (My personal Favorite of my projects!)

You are the host of a TV show called "Island", Based on the popular TV show "Alone". You, in the beginning, are in control of what stats each contestant gets, and with your selections, you get to overview who survives to be the last one alive!

It is basically Sanctuary Sim but more in detail

Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks to @ReaperZ0v for giving me some ideas on the design for the game!

Have fun!!

In this game you can test out whatever crazy stuff you want to, just go for it!

Updates will come

I will be updating this game as it is my favorite project on that I've made.

Get used to my new profile picture!!!

From the creator of Pitlife 2, Sanctuary Simulator, and Angel Simulator
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Kopamed (185)

Found spelling mistake - line 199, "ALOUD" should be "ALLOWED". Other wise great work!

Edit - Also I recommend making the game break proof. If i enter a letter towards the end by accident i have to start all over again. This is a normal in all programming languages

BobTheTomatoPie (1713)

Yeah i'll get fixing that, i'm jsut confused on how to make it not accept letters @Kopamed

Kopamed (185)


while True:
        num = int(input("Enter number"))


DynamicSquid (4550)

@Kopamed input validification is sooooooooo annoying to implement. I just find it easier to trust the user in making the right choice

Kopamed (185)

People will dislike your project if all their hard work is reset by a misclick. @DynamicSquid