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Fourier Circles
mwilki7 (1113)

I saw a really interesting video about a visual representation of Fourier Series. I really wish I saw this before learning about Fourier transforms. Fourier Series is about representing any function with just sine and cosine.

I looked online to see if there was any sort of program that did this sort of thing but I couldn't find any. So I wondered if I could figure out how to make a whole bunch of circles rotate around each other and here it is.

Number of circles: the number of circles chained together that will be shown, the last one is always the line drawer

Rotation rate: how fast each circle rotates

Minimum radius: the smallest any circle can be

Maximum radius: the largest any circle can be

All one direction: makes them all rotate in one direction instead of being randomized

No randomized rotation speed: all circles will rotate at the same rate, will yield nice and symmetric results (usually)

Hide lines: hides the lines
Hide circles: hides the circles

Too slow for you?

Raise the "Rotation rate" to a higher number

mwilki7 (1113)

Some sample images