Fun game
JohnStarrs (23)

This game is so fun made in under 5 minutes me nanny
won it in under 19 seconds and she is 87 years old
(Rob me code and you stupid) <~ change this again and ill put it in all my programs

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PDanielY (983)

@JohnStarrs Please do not farm. Farming is when you create multiple accounts to upvote your posts. We think you are farming. If you are not farming tell us and we'll be on our way our otherwise this is your last warning and if you farm again you will get banned from talk

JohnStarrs (23)

@PDanielY 1 this ain't farming it is people trying out my program because the wanted to. 2 impersonating a moderator will get you suspended or banned (unless you are a mod if not read the terms and conditions mate) 3 whats the point of making multiple accounts to upvote yourself it would be a waste of your own time to do so , so why would i do it?

JohnStarrs (23)

@PDanielY Either way I didn't farm

AdCharity (1270)

@JohnStarrs he just means that there are a bunch of people with 0 cycles upvoting your projects which looks fishy

PDanielY (983)

*any they all know python

JideOlatunji (8)

@JohnStarrs don't worry g, i'm backing it for you

JohnStarrs (23)

@JideOlatunji Thanks =) Zavexeon just unbanned me about half an hour ago but thanks for the support

theangryepicbanana (1636)

@JohnStarrs there wasn't exactly a mistake when you got banned for possible upvote farming (which has become a large issue recently, and we've been keeping a closer eye on posts in response) and being kinda rude along with that. Note that you and the other accounts using python does not matter here, as anyone can know python (basically it was an unnecessary comment). Imo I don't mind you being unbanned since you didn't seem to be salty or disrespectful once you were unbanned.

JohnStarrs (23)

@theangryepicbanana sorry if i seemed to come of rude i've been ill for the past week and stressed out with collage work and the ban just added on to wreck I was. I apologise for any inconvenience that was caused. But to stop issues such as what happened to me i would recommend checking the IP address (if yous can) of the upvoters that seem to be farming as if it is more then 3 users with the same IP then they more then likely a farmer it will narrow the search of these farming accounts and reduce the amount of ban appeals yous might receive.
Thank you