Funny Comedy Genre Rendering
CollinKunsman1 (28)

These two joke I made up are really good, I promise! I thought them up yesterday. It took me LITERALLY ALL DAY just to think them out. Hope they're funny enough! :)

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CollinKunsman1 (28)

@LittleNomster LOL. Thanks! I made 5 people laugh this morning. One of them said they were going to pee themself, and the other four? Heh... They were laughing so hard, they couldn't even stop laughing. It took them at least 20 minutes to stop laughing. Maybe it was the way I said it. It's funnier when I say it compared to what it says on screen without anybody there voicing it

LittleNomster (112)

@CollinKunsman1 im sorry it didnt make me laugh :( was cool tho