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CollinKunsman1 (28)

Just watch and laugh! This project is one of the funniest ones I could think of!

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ChezCoder (1484)

No one,
Literally no one...

CollinKunsman1: Hey lets make a very so called "funny" project to make everyone mad at the community tab!

Zavexeon (1039)

@ChezCoder Hey, now, this may not be super impressive, but please try to be kind. Thanks! :3

CollinKunsman1 (28)

@Zavexeon Thank you! Posts might not be all that great, but at least people try really hard to get it done. Some people spend all day and night with their blood and sweat trying to make a great program, and people say mean, nasty things to them and their work. I kinda feel bad about them, don't you?