My OS(Like) thing called MyCMD V 1.3
AbhayBhat (148)

MyCMD V 1.3

has been released. This is actually based the latest version of TextAPL and I made some changes to it which includes

  • I changed the name to MyCMD
  • The style changed to a Command Line style(IDK what to call it)
  • I removed the file manager and replaced so that it actually created REAL txt files and not just some text in an ArrayList
  • Added a die you can roll
  • Added a coin you can flip
  • I added a bit of Color
  • And finally changed the "Guessing game" to be MUCH simpler(in code)

Thanks to @DynamicSquid for telling me what this should be called(lol, I was so confused).

If you have any ideas to make it better or new features to add(Because it still is really small), Please tell me in the comments!

Thank you to all upvotes and comments

Also, I added some secret commands in it(Thanks @CodeLongAndPros for the suggestions). If you find one and tell me in the comments, I will give you an upvote. Also, absolutely NO cheating by looking in the code.

Quick correction: The time command was supposed to show PST time but it was one hour ahead, fixed that to the correct PST time.

Quick correction 2: Now you can enter HELP or HeLp or hElP because it automatically converts the string to lowercase!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, I HAVE HIT 50 CYCLESSS. I feel so proud, thank you all.

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CodeLongAndPros (920)

Funny how the roll command is only found when the die argument is passed...

AbhayBhat (148)

@CodeLongAndPros I do not understand what you are saying. My java knowledge is puny

AbhayBhat (148)

@CodeLongAndPros UNIX? No Windows. But apparently repl Java on Ubuntu(Whatever those are)

CodeLongAndPros (920)

@AbhayBhat Ok, so in Unix, there are command line programs. Each program can take any number of arguments:

ls -l .

Your's says 'command not found' when I supply roll with no arguments, opposed to roll dice

AbhayBhat (148)

@CodeLongAndPros OHHHH, i mean, if you look at my code, i just tell the Dice object to roll if the user types in roll dice and it is case sensitive

CodeLongAndPros (920)

@AbhayBhat I could see that, but if they just type in roll, it would be funny to see:

Err: Cannot roll nothing.
Please supply a compatible object to roll.
CodeLongAndPros (920)

@AbhayBhat Yes. You should also do funny error messages for the others as well.

AbhayBhat (148)

@CodeLongAndPros Ok, Thank you for the suggestion, I will continue to work on this adding more features as time goes along :).

CodeLongAndPros (920)

@AbhayBhat Also, if they enter roll {obj} say:
Err: Cannot roll {obj}: Invalid roll format

AbhayBhat (148)

@CodeLongAndPros Also, that never passes the "die" argument. its literally
if(input.equals("roll die'){ new Die().roll(); }