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[GAME] Reaction Time
Coder100 (15490)

REACTion time

How fast can you react?

Compete with people all over on the way to become the most nimble!


This was made -- unsurprisingly with react to test out just how hard it is to set it up (very hard) and also to test out what react.js can do. I've been mostly coding in Unity or p5.js, but I feel like it's time we focus on UI and maybe even mobile apps (hint hint switcheroo android app when)!


This repl contains autogenerated code for maximum speed and less tears. If you would like to view the code and components, you are free to do so here. You will also be able to see the awesome component... (npm package soon!)


It was built -- unsurprisingly -- with webpack and babel! I think they are really good to use and probably better than using gulp and react without ES6...


Human Benchmark. Need I say more?


Known Bugs

  • If you do it too fast, you may get this interesting score called 1604021441546 (or more). This is due to the fact that the browser rounds the time, so the number became 0, so Jan 1 1970 (time 0) - 0 = approx. 1604021441546.
  • Your scores might not be uploaded... I don't know why, people haven't been giving me any logs of what their data looks like, but general advice is to clear your localstorage (this does delete all progress!)


I hope you are really quick! My low score is 371 milliseconds due to the nature of my computer. As quoted from human benchmark

While an average human reaction time may fall between 200-250ms, your computer could be adding 10-50ms on top. Some modern TVs add as much as 150ms!

I have way too many extensions...

Alright have a great day and send screenshots of your times! (Maybe OS and browser too :O)

MeowcaTheoRange (7)

I WAS THE ONE WHO GOT 1604021441546


play the game and get this amazing anomaly also :) thanks

firefish (934)

@MeowcaTheoRange posted 18 hours ago. That unix epoch millisecond timestamp was surprise surprise,

sugarfi (599)

(very hard)

wdym webpack is easy

Coder100 (15490)

@sugarfi no, I said setting it up

Coder100 (15490)

smh smh i bet half the time you spend coding react is actually setting it up @sugarfi

sugarfi (599)

@Coder100 nah
webpack is a bit harder to set up but it's not that hard

mesquite2234 (258)

I've been here since 6 mins after posting (or close to that)

firefish (934)


realTronsi (901)

@Coder100 oh its not on leaderboards did u take it down :(

firefish (934)

@realTronsi no, the code doesn't allow scores less than 50ms

firefish (934)

First time I've found some code js so code I can't criticise it =)

firefish (934)

yay 1ms totally not fake

Coder100 (15490)

pog working on keyboard press new version coming soon!

hihitherethere (3)

One thing: the play and home buttons are covering up some content. But really nice game overall!

Coder100 (15490)

Thanks!! Yeah, I'll have to make the buttons smaller, a new build is
going to come soon :) @hihitherethere

firefish (934)

@Bookie0 yay I pushed you off the leaderboard

firefish (934)

@Bookie0 There is a limit.

I literally put

The longest name ever invented. So, from what other people have done, this space has enough room to write an essay, unlike the 140 characters in the box below. How annoying can this get? I'm actually just waiting for there to be a little red error message, but I don't think there is. Wow, if this was my real name, the text on my passport photo page would have to be microscopic.

for the first name

firefish (934)

@Coder100 The first name can be SOOOOO long

firefish (934)

@Bookie0 Well apparently the limit for (Both first name and last name) is 255.

mesquite2234 (258)

I've been working on a python version of this for a while. It's hard on touchpad

Coder100 (15490)

@TommyVictory yeah, your device can really slow your times

elipie (372)

@Coder100 do it for space (once I did a space clicking test and got 32ms between the spaces)

elipie (372)

@Coder100 i trained on a game called parkour, its on roblox. Basic desc:
Explore this open world game by climbing buildings, getting levels and doing whatever you want.

Pretty underrated game if i do say so myself.
And really well made