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[ GAME ] Switcheroo
Coder100 (15670)


Switcheroo is a new puzzle game I made in VScode!! It's also my first game post in a long time...


I made this game using nothing but google fonts and font awesome!! I really like how the usage of icons has really shaped this game. I'll explore more into later games ;) I also really like the transitions :D

One of my better projects, I really liked how dynamic this was!

How to play

Your goal is to make all the squares green. Click on a square to invert its whole row and column.

Can you solve this puzzle in only one move?
Answer: If you said row 1 column 4, you are correct! Because the whole row and column is inverted, the red L vanishes!


Some levels are a bit hard, so I will drop in some hints. The notation is (x,y). It denotes the position of the square to click on. Note: The puzzle doesn't get solved! It gets you to a state where you can hopefully figure it out on your own.



The trick is to click on all the tiles that are red at the very beginning. Then after you've clicked all those, repeat. Works every time ;)

- @maxyang

Comment below your strategies and I will add them here!


Special thanks to


To be on the leaderboard, please comment below with your screenshot of the win screen (like what you were told to do 😉)


  • What is the minimum move count? I predicted 216 but @maxyang proved me wrong!
  • What is the maximum amount of permutations of a 2x2 square? 3x3? 6x6?

My low score is 800! Can you beat me?

btw cactus already beat me :(

KnightsOfAzgard (16)

I think the leaderboard has got it upsidedown...

Bo01ean (0)

image for leaderboard

also very cool game me and my friend Brayden0 have been trying to get better at this for days!

Brayden0 (0)

By the way this is my favorite game ever that I have played on any coding sites. Keep up the great work.

Brayden0 (0)

Wait i did better

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 Thanks!
btw what is the number by my name? i'm new

Coder100 (15670)

no problem!
The number by the name is how many cycles you have, they're like reddit karma (pretty useless lol)

Here, let me give you one @CodyTrainer

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 new highscore srsly only by one move!!!

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 cool guy is my new username you can remove codytrainer

CoolGuy27 (68)

@Coder100 yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

SystematicError (26)

@Coder100 Guess who spent 3.5 days trying to get the 1st place on the leaderboard. Not me because I'm too dumb =D . Anyways here's the closest I have got:

Brayden0 (0)

I got my high score

IMaperson2 (0)

I would honestly buy this game if it had more levels and a level select. It's better than almost all of my mobile games.

Coder100 (15670)

hey, you know, I think I might be able to, too bad I don't have a phone :( @IMaperson2

cmglj (4)

ok, ok dude. this is INSANE, i click. play and that transition to the game. just wow. you can for sure make games and websites! great workkkkkkkkkk

Coder100 (15670)

@cmglj sorry, for the late reply, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D

poetaetoes (293)

also lvl 11 is impossible. i tried maxyangs tricks too:(

poetaetoes (293)

level four is imposible even with 1,1|1,2|1,3|1,4!!!

Coder100 (15670)

try maxyang's method, that's how I solved it @poetaetoes

Spodormon (1)

i did it again 659 clicks!!!

Spodormon (1)

i made it!
2812. clicks

JudeAustin1 (4)

Im dead but also very alive (tied first place)

JudeAustin1 (4)

@JudeAustin1 I can finally go back to coding a website :relievedpikachuface:

Coder100 (15670)

awesome!! changing your score! @JudeAustin1

JudeAustin1 (4)

@Coder100 This has been a (fairly short but still counting it as a) long ride, thanks for the game my guy.

JudeAustin1 (4) Getting tantalizingly close to first... (also I need to concentrate, going radio silent)

JakeHu2020 (17)

LVL 15: (1,4), (1,3), (1,2), (1,1)

JakeHu2020 (17)

LVL 9 : (2,2), (1,1)

JakeHu2020 (17)

LVL 7 tactic: (2,2), (2,4), (4,4), (4,2)

JudeAustin1 (4)

I believe that warrants 7th place.

JudeAustin1 (4)

@Coder100 Oh wait just beat my score but accidentally hit retry before taking a screenshot whoops \(•_•)/

JudeAustin1 (4)

Beat that time I beat my highscore

JudeAustin1 (4)

Beat that time I beat that time I beat my highscore (this is getting old)

JudeAustin1 (4)

I am getting tantalizingly close to first

FlaminHotValdez (364)

@JudeAustin1 About that I'm 99.9% sure 146 is unbeatable, but if you can beat it somehow hats off and I'll give you 5 cycles