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[GAME] [OLD] Top Down RPG Like Game Made ENTIRELY out of text in the Python Terminal!
ThatOneDude1 (126)


This is an RPG Like maze game with RPG Style Fight Sequences made only using text!

Beta Ver. 1.0.1


'#' = Wall
'-' = Floor
'P' = Player
'K' = Key
'E' = Enemy
'D' = Door


Use the number, WASD Keys or just type the direction you'd like to move to in all caps to move!
Do the same to perform different actions!
When next to an E, you can FIGHT the enemy!
When next to a K, you can TAKE the key!
When next to a D, if you have a key you can LEAVE the maze!


Beta 1.0.1:
Better inputs to move and perform actions!


This is a project I've been working on since August 25th and I've put a lot of work into. If this gets enough upvotes then I will DEFINITELY make updates to it. Also if you find any bugs or have any suggestions then just comment! I would love to hear your guys' suggestions and where there are some problems in the game. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


EpicGamer007 (1197)

I suggest using the module getch or whatever it is called so we don't have to press enter or return after each key.

Lethdev2019 (197)

@AbhayBhat i think you are referring to the getkey module.

AnthonyFerr (10)

@Lethdev2019 Is that like pynput? I tried to import that but replit doesnt seem to support it

Lethdev2019 (197)

yeah it is. is linux and sometimes does not have what is required to get those modules. @AnthonyFerr

Lethdev2019 (197)

can you use the getkey module to reduce the amount of times you press enter?

ThatOneDude1 (126)

Made a new update!!! Go to or look at new on share to find it! Hope you like it thanks!

ThatOneDude1 (126)

The bug that didn't allow movement has been fixed :D

HPD1155 (11)

Hey, wanna make a Minecraft like game that's 2D in pygame python?

ItsYeBoiJ (8)

wow this is a good torimor

PXY (32)

I've actually been working on a very similar project to this one, although yours is certainly more polished! I would suggest that you implement a few input checks to reduce the regularity of errors (ie. the ValueError with the potion menu I had some trouble with). Regardless, this is awesome! :D

ThatOneDude1 (126)

@PXY Thanks! It means a lot! There are a few more kinks in the game that I’m working on for the next update. I won’t give anything away, but what I have planned for the next update is going to be literally game changing. XD

PXY (32)

Good to hear! I'll make sure to bookmark this :) @ThatOneDude1

GeneralBaker (47)

Oh yeah, got an error:
00 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
01 = = = = = = = = Enemy =
02 HP : 55.0
03 HP : 100.0
05 = Player = = = = = = =
06 [ 1 : A T K ]
07 [ 3 : I T M ]
08 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
What do you do?
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 308, in <module>
File "", line 210, in fightSequence
choice = int(input('What do you do? '))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

Connection closed abruptly

It was in the fighting part. I used potion 2.
Also, potion 3 healed the enemy fully. Not sure if it was meant to do that.

ThatOneDude1 (126)

@GeneralBaker Did you type the name of the potion or the number to the very left of it. you're supposed to type the number to the very left. I probably should've clarified that. And I just tested it and It does increase your own health for each potion. The player health is to the right and below the enemy health. I hope this helps. Is there still any problems with it now that I've clarified?

GeneralBaker (47)

@ThatOneDude1 Sorry, looked at it again and figured out the error is when you hit enter without selecting an action. Also I didn't realize the player's health was that one, I would suggest moving it so it is right next to the text 'player health' to keep from confusing

ThatOneDude1 (126)

@GeneralBaker I'll add it to my list of improvements to make. Thanks for the suggestion! :D

GeneralBaker (47)

You should try to randomly generate the map
Great game!