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[GAME] survival game (the best game ever existed)
potatojs (819)



the story

every one is dead :)

wich is nice by the way :D

what happend

so the US made a corona virus cure!! but because of some weird error the cure that half the humanity took it already start turning them to zombies!!zombies killed the animals plants and everyone is dead

the end.

or... is it?

so humans are dead but a strange creature called dani (that have mind power stuff) decided to protect the only left potato with his life!! so he build a massive wall to protect it!!but the zombies actually... destroyed the wall and eat the potato.

so now.. it's your mission to revange for the potato and kill all the zombies!!
are you strong enghouf?

game play stuff

almost all the informations u need are in the wiki page and the how to play page

leader board and rules

because i don't wanna noobs to hack my game there is a bit of hacking resistance kinda thing in the game, so if you try to hack your high score is returned to 0 and you'll be a cheater fro the rest of your life.

leader board

to join the leader board just leave a comment containing a screen shot for your highscore from outside the game screen shots from inside are rejected(i need a screen shot for your high score not your current in game score ok?)


so i was thinking about making the leader board process automatic using some back-end but i changed my mind :)
plus i learned a tone of stuff during developing this

  • is pog
  • a have a discord account
  • i decided to learn phaser and start making some real game
  • did u know that you can take game pad inputs in your website using js?

oh i forget the most important stuff!!

enjoy and leave a comment and open on a new tab... this is everythig

BCP (7)

I found the potopediaJs is that an easteregg encyclopedia?

potatojs (819)

no i was just bored :)

Roixiong (0)

does the leaderboard update automatically or do you manually enter the scores

potatojs (819)

@Roixiong i manually enter the scores :)
i tough about making it automatic (that's why it's in node)
but that will open a lot of problems from people hacking the database to others hacking the game and getting hundreds and automatically enter the leaderboard without me knowing that
( it's a big mess XD )

Roixiong (0)


i had a higher score but i didnt screenshot

Pizzaz4me (63)

you should make this multiplayer

potatojs (819)

lol i was just thinking about that :D

Name12 (159)

awesome game like usual.

Name12 (159)

NP @potatojs
just telling the truth

potatojs (819)

lol actually i can't stop this kind of hacking :( look at this:



MarbleMammal397 (0)

@potatojs I guess, I'm just looking at all the chats and every is just like,#relatable.

Blackout4344 (36)

Have you added more guns? I have a suggestion: How about bandages or medkits? That would make it more fun. @potatojs

potatojs (819)

yeah that's a good idea but.. the dev of this game is done for me lol
(but i'm gonna add that when i make the online version! :))

FindlayJohnColi (0)

i keep dying at 200 points im bad at this game


yes i am a noob thanks for noticing :)

stubaduble (13)

This is so fun!
But really hard...
Could you increace the size of the map? and add some barriers and borders?

potatojs (819)

no this is hard lol maybe in my next one :)

TheAverageAsian (3)

Did you get inspiration from Milkman Dani???

potatojs (819)

milk gang

who are those?
i am...



TheAverageAsian (3)

True boners drink milk everyday.
Since I'm Asian, I also drink banana milk. XD

potatojs (819)


TheAverageAsian (3)

I am. I listen to it everyday at school. XD

brasilchicken10 (3)

Is it normal for a 20-swarm of different enemies to go onto the screen when they are unlocked?

Gabby8C0des8 (26)

im playing this when is should be in a zoom call-

potatojs (819)

lol yes you are doing great continue

Bernich2 (0)

Its there a tutorial on this ?

herbertju (3)

This REPL would be a lot more professional if proper capitalization and punctuation were used. Just a tip! Other than that, this game is amazing!

potatojs (819)

This REPL would be a lot more professional if proper capitalization and punctuation were used

ehhh wait...wat? this...??????thanks :D?

Frey123 (0)

How did you do that in so less code?

potatojs (819)

this is actually a lot a code you can make it a lot better :)
how to make something in less code just practice a lot and always shearch for functions and read some source of different programs if u want like websites and stuff...and you'll start remarking that your code and skills will devlope overtime :D

mo2409 (14)


JakeHu2020 (17)

I got a very big score. I don't know how, but I just got it.

JakeHu2020 (17)

How To hack Gameover. ctrl+shift+j, then in console write "gameover = function(){}". I learned that from looking at full code.

potatojs (819)

wow you really did read the code i'm sure that was a pain lol