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GERM-X ------ A Code Jam #9 entry
BenjaminNamikas (0)

This is our entry for Code Jam #9!

The goal of the game is to get the Germ-X to the people in need (the house). To move, use the arrow keys and use space to jump.

This relates to the theme Coronavirus Prevention because it is teaching people about COVID-19 with the info page and it is showing people that sharing is needed in a time like this.


  • Create Scrolling Behavior
  • Create Level 1
  • Create Level 2
  • Home Page
  • Info Page
  • House to End Levels
  • Add Pieces of Corona Virus Floating Around as Obstacles
  • Add Scrolling Background
  • Create a Platform Image

About This Experience


FIRST OF ALL I DO NOT EXAGGERATE AND I WORKED TWO TIMES HARDER THAN HE DID ON THIS. This was the hardest game I have worked on by far. Before this project I had never actualy created a platformer, let alone a scrolling one. My brother really wanted to work with me, so I let him. Since my brother is not as much into coding it took a lot of patience for me to get through this. He constantly came to me with questions, including why a function was not working when he imbeded it into the class I had made. Also I ended up coding most of this project (at least 3/4) which my brother blames on his lower skill level. This was still a fun project though, so stay safe.


This was my first Code Jam and it was very stressful. I haven't coded for very long and it was a struggle to get things done in time. I made a lot of mistakes and got very frustrated at times but in the end, it all worked out (sort of). It was a good experience, but Benjamin can be very mean sometimes (see above). He likes to exaggerate and sometimes takes too much credit for himself (also see above). He is very annoying at times and when he loses his patience, he gets kind of mad. All in all, it was a fun time that I enjoyed and I hope everybody is safe and is washing their hands.

The Game

Have Fun!