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Game: The Life of a Robber
AustinZhang1 (65)

Hello Everyone

This is a project that I made, hope you like it

How to play

You are a robber who is trying to get money. You can do all kinds of things, such as rob a bank, eat a meal for health, become a youtube streamer, etc. Comment your high scores below to be on the leaderboard!


Thank you to:

I am open to any feedback.


I can't get passed would you like to see instructions I can only select no

AustinZhang1 (65)

@ImmaEatYouMan Thank you for the feedback, should be fixed

Name12 (159)

it's a pretty neet game. nice job wit the color. and this is really similar to Diamond's risk. in my own opponent, you should make more of a difference. but overall, that's pretty good job. you deserve more cycles than you have now.

AustinZhang1 (65)

@Name12 Thanks for the feedback, I know its really similar to Diamond Risk, I tried to change it as much as I could, but there were still a lot of similar things. Also, thanks for the upvote! :)

11ma (3)

i actually had fun playing this

AustinZhang1 (65)

@11ma Thank you! Any feedback on how to improve?

11ma (3)

@AustinZhang1 the robber could start with some money to make things more interesting, i feel like starting broke can create a cycle of getting caught in schemes and then jail time lool

AustinZhang1 (65)

@11ma Please consider upvoting! :)

11ma (3)

@AustinZhang1 got you and nice 👌🏿

theroadtocode (18)

I love this game! It's like a level 2 for Diamond Risk. I have a question though; how do you program the luck factor? Is there a specific function? My high score was 287 dollars. Then I quacked...

AustinZhang1 (65)

@theroadtocode Thank you for the comment and the upvote! With the luck factor, I just used random.randint. For example, if there was a 50 percent chance it would be like this:

import random
def chance_example():
    chance = random.randint(1,100)
    if chance <= 50:
        print('You are lucky!')
    elif chance > 50:
        print('You are unlucky.')

Whenever I needed another chance, I would just add another random.randint into the code.

theroadtocode (18)

@AustinZhang1 Thank you! Looking forward to using this in my next project :)

AustinZhang1 (65)

@theroadtocode Np! I'm glad to help. Btw, I added you to the leaderboard!