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Game of Life
AlephZero (337)

Left click to create blocks, right click to delete block, middle click or double click to play/pause.

epicman702 (187)

what is it meant to do?


What kind of code is this!

HarveyH (147)

How?! How do you do this?! It's AMAZING!!!

OmarWadha (0)

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AlephZero (337)

@omarwadha: I am sorry you didn't like my game. Please tell me how it broke, and I will be more than glad to fix it :D

UrOnUrOwn (0)

Whys everyone soo mean gah

OmarWadha (0)

@alephzero: the bit when the things move they move wierdly and glitch sometimes

AlephZero (337)

@omarwadha: I'm sorry, I don't experience the same issue. Nevertheless, you can capture a video of the problem and I will do my best to fix it :)

HeerokDas (13)

Lol, I made a thing that kept changing for 2 minutes

AlephZero (337)

@heerokdas: Haha awesome! Maybe make a gif and post it, that would be cool to see


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