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Game with Pygame
MATHyou (18)

I accept constructive criticism, but please don't just respond with "It's bad." or something like that. I already know that it's slowish, I don't know how to fix that though. Also, I know I just used squares and no images. I'm not a very experienced programmer, I just started learning about 3ish months ago. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Oh yeah, use the arrow keys and WASD to control. In the shop and places like that, use the letter that's in square brackets to buy.

amasad (1923)

Good job! The slowness might be our fault ( team) because graphics is still in beta and we haven't optimized it yet.

MATHyou (18)

@amasad Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me! :)

jfarley (1)

I think this game's pretty cool

LukeShomper (26)

Wow very good. but slowness is making it a bit hard and the AI isn't the best but still Bravo

An1ruth (4)

Nice dude! That's a cool program

rediar (215)

wow, nice loading screen. Maybe try to make it in a js, html, css repl, it'll be faster

MATHyou (18)

@rediar I'd need to learn those languages first. All I know right now is Python and C++. But I might end up learning those!

Fl0at3r (0)

@MATHyou Do you know how to make C++ games with graphics?

mwilki7 (784)

I like the idea of using the block to navigate the menu.

MATHyou (18)

@MKIIpython Can you tell me why? If the character is not moving when you use the arrow keys, make sure to have clicked the screen! Or were you just messing with me? 👀