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Gepl Chat | Biggest Update Ever
Crosis (275)

Repl login

We have integrated the repl login into the chat, so you know who you are talking to, and soon we will be adding their cycles!


We have redone all of the css, and have made it look much cleaner!


We have prevented every way to use xss, so you can chat without the fear of being attacked!


Someone abusing, spamming, advertising? Just tell us in the comments of this post! We have active staff, and are always working to make your experience better.


Repl login- @19wintersp
Active people giving me feedback- @Lankdev @GatewayDuckYT @AustinCharb @EliasZeiner @ch1ck3n
Owner, made the base of GusChat- @RyanGardiner1
My brother, @MicroSoftHelp, who by my knowledge was one of the first people to help with it
Finally, I helped with the CSS, and the debugging, and a lot nodejs stuff.


ADDED markdown,pinging,private rooms, and an online users feature!

Just added music!


We have added mod applications! Make sure you are at least 12 to apply, you can apply here

Coming soon:

Cycles for users

If you would like to put it in fullscreen, go here

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tankerguy1917 (159)

nice man, again, i love the dark theme

ch1ck3n (1277)

but b b but i suggested ideas too

EliasZeiner (24)

Hey @19wintersp, @Crosis and the rest of the coding, on mobile you can’t log in since it logs you in with another website and it doesn’t go back to the website to authorize it (With what I know right now, it might be something else).

Crosis (275)

@EliasZeiner If you are not able to send a message, it is because you need to put a role and password then click connect (this is only for youtube, and moderators)

EliasZeiner (24)

@Crosis Not that, it is when you log in to your account to authorize who you are with your Repl.It account

Crosis (275)

@EliasZeiner Ahhh ok, I will work on that! I think I know the issue, but I may have to look into it.

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Very cool updates! This is really cool! Keep up the great work!

Crosis (275)

@SoulMasterYT is probs an alt

Whippingdot (427)

No...Almost every post now days has every comment upvoted. It isn't only your post. @Crosis

Whippingdot (427)

And I thought microsofthelp was an og member of can you be his brother if you are not og...or maybe you are og but you got banned...or maybe you are just plain og @Crosis

JBloves27 (1523)

Nice updates! Love the themes!

RajanHill (3)

Hey, to be honest, great idea.

RyanGardiner1 (139)


MarcusWeinberger (680)

Please integrate repl auth the proper way, I'm suspicious of having to enter credentials on your website. Read here:

Crosis (275)

@MarcusWeinberger I integrated replauth the proper way. If you are sus of it, please look at

tussiez (866)

Btw, the <title> tag on index.html says "GusChat" while the title of this post is GeplChat?

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Helllo sir can I just ask what you mean? Lol I don’t [email protected]

Crosis (275)

@inyourface3445 it is fine ig but never ddos any website unless you have permission from them for testing reasons. What you did could be taken for legal action if it cost Repl anything, or slowed their performance. (which it kinda did)

mollthecoder (15)


mollthecoder (15)

Gateway duck is using a backserver to get on gepl-chat
He convinced me to not tell anyone
But then he accused me of being you and so i am telling on him

SqueezyS (35)

Auth ban Gateway, he's attempting to XSS the website

Baconman321 (792)

It says there is a syntax error and I can't join a room. What do I put for the room and my role and password?

Crosis (275)

@Baconman321 Don't put anything for either of them. Just click connect

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis What are they for then?
Also you have a syntax error. You put socket?.close(), I think it should be socket.close().

Crosis (275)

@Baconman321 What line? Actually, this was intended

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis Index in the 170's (I'm doing class rn. Just click ctrl+f (page search) and type in socket? it should show the line which has the problem).

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis Wait why was it intended? (also it's line 147... my mistake). I can't join right now because of the syntax error.

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis Ah, I see. I found out it is an optional chain.
This is only supported in chrome 80+. This is so new to JavaScript that I don't recommend you use it (I don't have support for it and I'm using chrome 79). Try using a polyfill like babel for users that don't have support for these really new techniques.

Crosis (275)

@Baconman321 I could try, but one solution for you could be to use a python virtual browser, that may help

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis Not really, since I can't use shift or anything. I recommend focusing on browser support as a chat app should make sure that users with older browsers (maybe not ancient, but old or just not brand new) can chat. I really think that would be best. Focusing on support and performance is what makes people go to your website. I heard that 53% of all websites are abandoned if the load takes > 3 seconds. Support is not to be left out either.

Crosis (275)

@Baconman321 I will try my best! Thanks for the insight, sorry if I came off on the wrong note! I am not very familiar with compatibility, so I will try my best to do what I can.

Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis At the very least support browsers that use ES5.

Crosis (275)


Baconman321 (792)

@Crosis Oh kk. Still, I'd rather wait till you get browser support for more people.