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Get SHELL Access To A Container
zphantom (5)

This is a ver simple script to get SHELL access on a container, basically its a virtual machine that complies & runs your code in, so i basically just exploited this feature to get shell access to the terminal.

Note : I am still adding more exploits.

camden7306 (2)

this is literally just os.system('sh'). pretty simple if you ask me

algore (21)

This is awesome gg dude. Now its just time to figure out how to use this to get previlege esculation then access /root.

un1 (0)

Damn guys way to be harsh

kommon (0)

How is this an "exploit"? Please learn what this is.

x9 (2)

this isnt an exploit at all. its python code. its a python module. how is this making use of any vulnerability?

PiggityPerson (0)

So first off this is not exploiting whatsoever, it is a built in function and it is supposed to do that, you can also access the shell with the menu. Are you like some 12 year old kid that opened the stupid command prompt on Windows and called it hacking? Or better yet, the same kid that says that he is hacking a website by opening up Inspect Element. "sO i bAsiCalLy eXplOiteD tHiS fEaTurE" - "iNjeCtinG inTo sHell" - "gEtTinG sHell acCeSs" - Oh no, he might have already hacked the government's systems, I think we might be dealing with an elite hacker!!!!! Just stop, okay it is nowhere near exploiting so just go back to playing Fortnite or something else that 12 year olds do.