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Get real exoplanet data from NASA every time you press space! 🚀

Hi everyone, I made this little web app for the SPACE challenge . I figured it would be appropriate to use a space-related API, so I decided to use NASA's official exoplanet archive API. I also made it in the style of the sample website, because why not? 😅

This was the first ever repl I made, so it was pretty fun making this in a new environment. Try it out!

lsambrook (287)

Is this your first ever program? If yes well you are very talented because i started to write on python and i barely could do any basic things...


@lsambrook It's my first ever repl but I've had prior programming experience :)

lsambrook (287)

@fmahaztra Oh right! It makes sense now LOL

eankeen (1923)

This is really neat! Love the planet changing colors on the side of the screen!


@eankeen Thanks! That probably took the most time to figure out haha

ReshiramWolfu (91)

Maybe slow down how fast the exoplanet changes, i can't read that fast lol

jajoosam (829)

This is really cool, it's gonna be amazing to have this shown on the big screen at HQ!


@jajoosam Thanks! Glad to hear y'all like it