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Global Warming
EmilSyan (2)


algore (23)

A few points,

  1. Call it climate change not global warming as that is what it is the climate isn't only getting hotter it is just getting more extreme on all sides of the spectrum

  2. The question is not weather or not climate change is real, the question is how much if any is caused by humans, I.E greenhouse gasses we know for an absolute fact climate change has been happening for at the very least since the year 1000 as Mongolians entire purpose for migration was that they were afraid the radical change in climate was going to devour the world. So now that we know that we need to attribute how much of that is caused by us and then we can, of course, try to fix that, but then we have another issue clearly greenhouse gasses are not the only or even a major part of climate change, so instead of trying to lower our impact which is already lower what the question is whether or not we should be lowering our impact or if we should instead try to find solutions for the problem as a whole. It is of my opinion that this conversation started too late and instead of trying to fix it, or revert it we need to leave earth I.E colonizing another planet, or we create a artificial atmosphere where we are shielded from the effects of climate change until it goes back to normal as it has in the past. -- a bit of source material for some of my claims

Steven_The_GuyT (227)

A few points,

  1. For point number 2 on your post, you said "The question is not weather or not climate change real". It's supposed to be "whether", not "weather". just wanted to point that out!
algore (23)

@Steven_The_GuyT /r/woosh its called a bad pun friendo ob4 /r/wooshwoosh

Steven_The_GuyT (227)

@algore ohhh cool didn't realize that lol

katyadee (1200)

You should add some more context to this! This is a cool project.