4.5. For: Sum of cubes
pole55 (196)

For the given integer N calculate the following sum: 1³ + 2³ + ... + N³

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WillKoehrsen (1)

Good work! This is also a nice opportunity to apply a recursive function. The below code does the same task but recursively, by calling itself!

n = int(input("N: "))

def cuber(n):
  if n == 1:
    return 1
  return n**3 + cuber(n - 1)


To make a recursive function you need two parts:
1. The base case: how the program exits. The lines

if n == 1:
    return 1

are the base case.

  1. The recursive (general) case: the solution is expressed as a smaller version of itself. The line
return n**3 + cuber(n - 1)

is the recursive case.

Here's a link to the repl: https://repl.it/@WillKoehrsen/45-Recursive-For-Sum-of-cubes