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TheDrone7 (779)


Hi! This is my submission for the <SPACE> contest. (Barely managed to get it done).


Firstly, this is a link to the website. Nextly, the purpose of this site is to help my fellow weebs or just anime-lovers in general find new anime that they might enjoy watching.

How it works?

I used the kitsu API to fetch a random anime's details and then display it on the screen for you!

How to use?

Just visit the website by clicking here and then click on the link that says Click here to get started, it will lead you to a page that will show you some anime to watch!
As usual, you can press the Spacebar key on your keyboard to see the next anime. The amount of time this waits before automatically changing the content is 30 seconds instead of 5 seconds as per the rules since it takes time to read the details.


Of course I created it on my own, but I would still like to thanks @Kognise for his fontkey website. It allowed me to find a good font within 5 minutes and saved a lot of time since I usually spent a lot of time just trying to find a good font on Google fonts.

Finally, please provide me with "useful feedback" to help me improve this website. Thank You!

katyadee (1173)

You know I love this.

TheDrone7 (779)

@katyadee and still didn't upvote it. 😶

I want cycles.

ebest (618)




ethanheys (40)

im triggered ive pressed space 1251 times and still no sign of shield hero

TheDrone7 (779)

@ethanheys that just shows how many anime there are.

TheDrone7 (779)

@IzanLarumbe boi y u spamming?
Shall I report?

ArchieMaclean (752)

Nice but takes a while to load.

TheDrone7 (779)

@ArchieMaclean that's why I added the loading screen - to prevent you from staring into the empty whiteness of the browser background while it loaded actual content.

mkhoi (226)

I don't watch Anime but i like this app