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Goose Encyclopedia
DannyIsCoding (691)

I made an encyclopedia website about Geese.
Thanks @CodingCactus for the inspiration.
Any ideas on how to improve the website are more than welcome!
If you want a Goose breed or a fun fact to be added to the website, write a comment.
Edit: I added the weight of the geese in lbs

DannyIsCoding (691)

@CodingCactus Very cool! Also, how did you do the change font on your website? I wanted to add it too, but I don't understand how it works

CodingCactus (3209)

@DannyIsCoding is css, have a look at my template

DannyIsCoding (691)

@CodingCactus At your projects there is a Cactus Simulator, but I can't open it aand I'm too curious.

CodingCactus (3209)

@DannyIsCoding it's private at the moment, going to be released at 500 cycles

firefish (885)

@CodingCactus pts'nk'a?ein t'it'is'id. va?