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Gram | The Grammatical Programming Language
ObiVibKenobi (169)

Don’t kill me. I did it.


The grammatical programming language


Addressing concerns


Gram is not fake. It’s syntax is almost completely aligning with grammar. I would make it 100% grammatical if I could.


I know, it’s interpreted. I get it, it should be compiled. But no. I’m just not good enough, sorry.

Missing Features

I know, it’s missing features. I get it, it should have some stuff it doesn’t. But no. I’m just not good enough, sorry. [ I’ll try to add some of that stuff in ]


Can I use this freely?

Yep! Feel free to use it!

Ugh - a bug, now what?

Just comment the bug below, all advice is appreciated

I really need it to do something it can’t...

Comment below. I’ll be trying to make some updates soon, but any advice is appreciated.

Anything else:

Comment below!

maxina (40)

I am confused about what this is

ObiVibKenobi (169)

It is a very unadvanced programming language. Since you're confused, I'll review the syntax it has so far...

To define a variable.

Define a variable called: name, with the value: 'Obi'

To print something to the console:

Print the following: 'Hello World!'

Get input and save it:

Take input, with the prompt: 'What's up? '; Save the input as the following: mood.

Print a variable:

Print the following: 'Hello World, on this day, you are feeling (whatever mood may be) '

Combine variables:

Combine these variables: mood; name; Save this as the following: newVar; Divide them with the following separator: '   a new variable.   '

One of the major drawbacks of gram is that you can only have one printed variable per line. So if you wanted to print {name} is feeling {mood}, you would do combine those variables, then print them.

Define a variable called: isFeeling, with the value: 'is feeling'
Define a variable called: mood, with the value: 'happy'
Define a variable called: name, with the value: 'Obi'.
Combine these variables: name; isFeeling; mood; Save this as the following: sentence; Divide them with the following separator: ' '
Print the following: ' (whatever sentence may be) '


maxina (40)

@ObiVibKenobi Ok, how do I make a file?

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Make a python repl and copy all the code from into your You can then make a .gram file and replace run(survey.gram) in to run(your filename) @maxina

ObiVibKenobi (169)

._. lol when I was testing I did
Ok, on the day of a/b/v d is feeling w I meant to have C instead of V and E instead of W

programmeruser (521)

Nice, my posts barely get any upvotes.

ObiVibKenobi (169)

:c feelsbadman I know that feeling when you spend a while on making something then it gets very little upvotes, except i have never made anything as advanced as a lua interpreter. @programmeruser

JBloves27 (1504)

Wow! Nice job making a lang!