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GrantKeo (81)

Welcome to the Information Center

(It answers questions like I do.)

Unfortunately, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HAL-9000, R2-D2, and Cortana are on vacation--only my annoying program will answer your questions instead. It is about as irritating as the Artificial Super Intelligence. (ASI) It's name is CARROT.

Honestly, I just made this little program for fun because I was bored.

I know, such a deep and amazing quote.

Enjoy! (I hope.)

A New Repl! (ANR):
Try Information Center: NIGHT SHIFT for more caffeine-thirsty responses! (Feel free to copy my "pront" function.)

>>> Are you okay?
dO i LOoK oKAy TO yOu?
>>> No...?
Go AWAy.

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christiant (1)

@GrantKeo Some examples

Q: What are you doing? A: Planning my revenge on humans..
Q: Will AI take over? A: give like a random date or something a few years up
Q: Can you see me? A: Yes I can.