Snake Game
headiscoding (941)

sNaKe GaMe ?!??11?1/11!!?11/!1/!1 [ not pog??????? ]

Yeah so I made a snake game and it's kinda basic so you can rate it out of 10 in the comments. Yeet

Oh and Im gonna private this in like a week so... [UPVOTE IT YAYAYAYAYAY] mods please dont warn me it was a joke :monkaS:

EDIT: It seems like someone is bot upvoting this post so I totally understand if the mods feel like taking it down. Also, THANKS FOR TRENDING YEEEEEET

EDIT #69: ok so im gonna private the repl now because i want to hahahahahahah get noob ok thanks for trending tho bye

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DSAEvan (17)

Great game! I got pro at playing snake by playing this game:
P.S. That is a link