🎃 Spoopy Pumpkin Game 🎃
RayhanADev (398)

🎃 This is my Halloween Themed Game 🎃

Happy Spooktober!

I whipped this up using some slightly-complex Javascript and Canvas, but it’s a pretty fun game! You just click the pumpkins to increase your score. Be careful, losing a pumpkin costs you a life! The game also starts to change up and increase in speed the more score you get, so try it out! Enjoy.

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elipie (94)

Great game! Too easy,

Couldve gone longer but got bored. I suggest if you click a mummy, owl, etc; you loose a life. 2nd suggestion: Every hundred or so points the speed of the pumpkins is multiplied by two. btw proof that i got to 1000 without loosing 1 life:

Hope you like my suggestions!
Btw typo:

Should be: "While you score more and more"
Thanks @RayhanADev :D

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie Oops, I generally don’t make typos xD. Great catch, I’ll update it and I’ll add in your suggestions. The game does go faster, but it may increase too slowly.

elipie (94)

@RayhanADev yeah jokes on u cause school computer is a touchscreen.

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie Ha my school device is an iPad with an external keyboard. I use Desktop Safari on it xD.

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie and done. Speed increases up to 3 if you get more than 30 points! I’ll also add more in because I’m bored.

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie What new feature should I add (to the website or the game)?

elipie (94)

@RayhanADev well i just tested it, did you add the part where when you click the mummy, cat, etc; you loose a life

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie You lose points for that, however I can make it if you click like 5 etc. characters you lose a life. Does that sound good?

elipie (94)

@RayhanADev hmm, i clicked one character my whole time when I had 1000 what about three?

RayhanADev (398)

@elipie sorry went and ate dinner
Oh I see... Well then maybe make the punishment for clicking a character more severe? Maybe lose 10 points when you click one?