TinyComputer, An 8-bit computer with memory segmentation
CSharpIsGud (549)

This is an 8-bit computer capable of addressing up to 4080 bytes of RAM (Limited address bus to 8 bits instead of 16 bits to make segmentation more useful)

Also comes with its own assembler!

This isn't really a full blown computer yet, but im thinking of emulating some hardware for it as well

Removed segmentation and replaced it with a form of paging (Even more memory can be addressed with it)
Added a bios (Loads whats in loader.asm into page 2 and executes it, for now it just writes No bootable device found. but doesn't actually check for bootable devices

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ripu (3)

Great job... but whats the point of some of the classes like MemoryRange or MMU or RAM

CSharpIsGud (549)

@ripu I didn't want it to just be a cpu. Im working on making a full computer out of it. (Im working on a bios right now!)
So I tried to stick as close as possible to how real hardware does it.
MMU for memory management etc
I just used memoryrange as a representation of ranges like 0x0-0xFF (0-255, the maximum addressing of a single page)
in the next update im going to be removing segmentation and replacing it with some weird form of paging instead

Lethdev2019 (141)

i can give you a log of my c drive from my antivirus of mems it scanned (or 'blocks'/'sectors'/'clusters'.)

noticed they all tend to start with 0x0xxxxxx

CSharpIsGud (549)

@Lethdev2019 Yeah its pretty much like a convention for hexadecimal numbers.

Lethdev2019 (141)

please hold on! issues with files.stringy.software, i'll result to dropbox.