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Grid creation board
epicman702 (218)

A testing code. It's my most ambitious python graphics code EVER!

W,A,S,D to move. NOTE: This does not have immediate sensing so you will have to hit enter to register an action

Q to place a X
E to remove an X

It's not much now but it may be later!


Nettakrim (393)

instead of os.system("clear")
this stops the screen flickering
(refer to this to see what it does [i didnt make this but i couldnt find the original])
also pls use getkey or something lol

epicman702 (218)

@Nettakrim Tbh it's still kinda flickery

epicman702 (218)

@DeaconBurgess W is at the top of your keyboard, so its only reasonable to go up

DeaconBurgess (74)

@epicman702 NO i pressed W and I went down

DeaconBurgess (74)

@epicman702 yeah, I pressed "W" and went down

epicman702 (218)

@DeaconBurgess Oh right the coordinates say you are going down. Ignore that!

DeaconBurgess (74)

@epicman702 it also appears that im going down is this just a me bug?