UPDATE: WINNERS POSTPONED // ✨Check back here for our Music Hackathon results! ✨
katyadee (1223)

We all want to know who won that $5,000 grand prize.

Check back on Monday, 7/29, to find out who our winners are!

This announcement has been postponed.

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samdevz (31)

@GrinInTheBin @GeorgesB I definitely do not recommend changing it. I emailed them about this and it's not allowed, and they're doing a pretty intensive check for cheaters before announcing the winners. You are right to wait -- it's only one more day!

If you do want to keep working in it, you can use repl.it's "Fork" feature to create a copy of the project and make changes there. And in case you need help in the future, the best way to reach Katya is via email. Hope this helps and good luck to everyone! :)